“Almost Corrected” – More on the Bryant Luxury Condominium Auction: A Success Case

Lucky for me I am in New York City today and made my morning adjustment to read the New York Daily News – only to find out that “the press” finally got it right ALMOST got it right this time!  There has been a continued following even a week later about the success of the Bryant Back Bay Auction which took place last week in Boston, MA.  So why have the New Yorkers caused so much  “after chatter” in the press and the blog-o-sphere regarding this ‘ultra-luxury’ condominium auction?

Well, as seen and written about in many articles now the auction went off as a hit and was a SUCCESS, unlike some journalist seemed to analyze it out of the gate.  Like all the most recent auctions in Boston, it was masterminded and produced Jon Gollinger & Accelerated Marketing Partners (AMP) in conjunction with one of New York’s familiar names – Louise Sunshine.

Why, many ask is this auction getting so much attention, especially after 2 other Boston auctions went off earlier this year.  I even asked myself that, till I really dug down and assessed the outcome.  I like the stance the writers & readers of the “most recent Curbed post” took it – stating this is one of the first ‘true luxury’ condominium auctions in the U.S. and one that boasted great results not just for the buyers – but truly a successful event for the developers!

If you haven’t seen it yet – definitely check out the NYDN today.

Buyers/Investors – looking for the next AMP Auction?  There is one going off in Chicago and Tampa this upcoming month.  Inquire for details & insider access here.

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