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Happy Halloween Creeps

Have a safe and fun-filled Halloween everyone! Try not to get sick with all of that candy. With all of the different parties happening throughout Boston tonight, it is sure to turn out to be a jam packed weekend! Myself- well I will be attending a party down in Newport with a very ridiculous costume. (Photos to come)
While you are recovering from all of your Monster Mash dance moves, check out these Open Houses on Sunday. I promise, they aren’t haunted.
Here is a list of few of the Open Houses …

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A Drink to FP3

Fun, Food, and Friends. That is what we enjoyed last Friday night at the FP3 party for the opening of Drink.
Drink is part of the new trio of restaurants set to open by the fantastic Barbara Lynch in FP3 Boston.
Located on the lower level of FP3, the new luxury loft development to arrive in Boston’s Fort Point Channel, Drink offers a unique cocktail consuming experience.
The mixologists create a drink for you based on your mood, tastes, etc. There is no drink menu, but I assure you, there is plenty to …

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The Barack Obama Contingency

Today I walked into my office and got a Gtalk message from one of my best friends who now lives in Geneva, Switzerland as a Money Broker. The title – “Dude check this out! Right up your alley here…”
The link, a Bloomberg article titled: New York Condo Buyers Wary of McCain Get Obama-Loss Loophole
In short, the article states that a New York condo buyer has put in an offer to purchase the $4.16M condo that basically will be NULL and VOID if Barack Obama is NOT …

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Real Estate Commission Rebate

So, what is the largest real estate commission rebate that has been given back to a buyer and or seller of a real estate transaction?  Does anyone out there know? I put the word out last week via Facebook and on my Twitter but haven’t got any good feedback.
The reason why I bring it up is because our powerhouse Boston agent, Thomas Cincotti is closing no a $2M condo this week.
The Commission – $50,000!!!
The Rebate – $43,000!!!  (remember this is NON-TAXABLE TOO!!!)
This will be by far our largest rebate back …

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You weren’t one of the buyers that got screwed last month were you?

You weren’t one of the buyers that got screwed last month were you?
We hope not.
Ok – we have been around long enough now. There really isn’t an excuse for a big chunk of the buyers looking to buy a Boston condo not to work with us.
After all, we are saving each buyer on average more than $13,000 cash back at closing!!!
As a new born buyers broker in Boston, MA, we are now proud to say we have been around more than 10 months, have helped more than 35 buyers purchase …

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Boston Apartment Rentals

Back by popular demand the Boston condo team is catering to individuals looking to rent a luxury apartment in Boston.  Even though Boston has avoided the negativity of the crunching nationwide housing market, we have seen an increased interest from our viewership of individuals looking to rent or possibly consider a ‘rent to own’ situation.
So who/what/where do I rent a Boston apartment?  Well, on all of the all of the luxury condo buildings that are on our website you will find a big Boston apartment rental button that looks like …

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