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Choosing a Boston real estate agent

Are you searching for the best Boston real estate agent for you?  Looking to buy a condo in downtown and already started your search online?  You are likely experiencing very similar feelings and emotions as most do when they being the home buying process.
Well, before you take the next step, check out what our clients have to say about us & CondoDomain!

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The Condo Loft

“An urban real estate office for our urban real estate clients”
Check out our new home now located around the corner from our old office in the Fort Point Channel neighborhood in downtown Boston!  Come visit us here at The Condo Loft – CondoDomain National HQ!!!
Our new address is:  319 A Street, Third Floor, Boston, MA 02210
So come on by and say hello!!!

More photos from last nights move on my Twitter (if you care).  Happy Thanksgiving All!!!
(sneak peak – Philadelphia condos & Baltimore Condos)

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Prices Down Sales Up in Massachusetts

via the Boston Globe this a.m.
Falling home prices are drawing out bargain hunters.
New housing data show a healthy pickup in the number of single-family homes sold in recent weeks, while prices continue to drop.
Home sales were up 14 percent in October, over the same period in 2007 – the second straight month sales increased, according to Warren Group, which tracks real estate transactions.
Meanwhile, the median price on a single-family home fell in October by 14 percent, to $285,000 statewide, only the second month in which median prices were below $300,000 …

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Party With the Pilgrims

Still searching for Thanksgiving 2008 plans? Why don’t you head down to Plymouth, MA where it all began. Party it up this Thanksgiving- Pilgrim style.
As you all know (I hope) Plymouth is the site of the Mayflower landing in 1620 and is home to the Plimoth Plantation living history museum. About an hour drive south of Boston, Plimoth Plantation hosts Thanksgiving meals to capture the essence of the first ever Thanksgiving. They offer dishes of the time period so you can get the idea of what the first Thanksgiving was …

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Whaddya Need in the North End

Sorry friends, if you aren’t a big fan of the North End, you may get annoyed with my topics of choice this week on our Boston Blog. However, there is just so much information about the North End that I am just bursting with excitement to share it!
Earlier in the summer I noticed on Salem Street a little place with a sign that read, “Whaddya Need?” and I couldn’t wait to find out what it was! I asked around to all of my North End peeps, even asked my fellow …

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Boston Weekend Wrap Up

Despite the cold weather this past weekend, I had a rather enjoyable time out and about in Boston!
Friday turned into a very stressful day and yours truly was on the search for a dive bar. Sure, living in the city certainly has its benefits, but the close proximity to a dive bar is not one of them. A group of us wandered around the streets of the North End, and as we aimlessly drifted between flocks of frozen tourists and Friday night daters, we eventually found ourselves on Salem Street …

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