4 Spots to Watch the Boston Marathon In & Around Boston

[source: running.competitor.com]

It’s that time again! Thousands and thousands of brave, strong souls are getting ready to run the Boston Marathon this Monday, April 15th. While we give a lot of credit to those running, the next best thing is being a cheer-leading spectator. We’ve got 4 hot-spots to watch the Boston Marathon in & around Boston.

1. Heartbreak Hill: The infamous Heartbreak Hill, the final hill of the rice, hits the runners by shock around mile 20. While the incline isn’t necessarily the toughest of the course, with 20 miles down it can be a make-or-break point for most of the runners. Head on over to Chestnut Hill to cheer, chant and keep those tired runners’ hearts going strong!

2. Cleveland Circle: Join fellow BC-ers and Brightonites for miles 21.5 to miles 22.5. You’re guaranteed a loud, fun and sometimes rowdy experience. Plus, you’ll coach the runners as they turn onto one of the final stretches: Beacon Street.

3. Beacon Street: Speaking of Beacon Street, this is personally one of my favorite spots to get some sweet views of the race! Since it’s a nice straight stretch through Brookline toward Boston, it’s one of the final spots to steal a clear view of the runners. I like to head there early to see some of the first racers come through, including the speedy Wheelchair Division. Here you’ll expect lots of noise, a good crowd, and people camping out on lawn chairs in the grass or BBQing.

4. Finish Line Madness: If you’re up for the madness, I highly suggest you head on over to the finish line but don’t blame us if you can’t get the perfect view! Crowded is an understatement, but if you can weasel your way through all the people it’s totally worth it. What better way to watch than actually witnessing the determined runners crossing over 26.2? Now that’s a moment!

Good luck to all of those running! We’ll see you out there.

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