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Ok, I admit, I feel a bit stupid. I have lived in Boston for a little over two years and just today learned about the Bay Village of Boston!

As always, trying to stay current with new restaurant openings etc, I was catching up on my local blog feeds when I noticed that Erbaluce just opened in the Bay Village…news compliments of our buddies over at Boston Restaurant Talk.

I literally turned around in my desk and asked Tony, “What the heck is Bay Village!?”

Well, after his description as a “wedge” located between Back Bay and the South End, I decided to investigate a bit more. My research actually gave me quite a lot of information!

Bay Village is actually the smallest and least known ‘hood in Boston (ok so maybe I don’t feel so stupid) and is an eclectic mix of not only architectural styles but is home to a variety of ethnicities, ages, genders, as well.

Here are the geographic specifics according to the Bay Village community website: It is the area of Boston binded by Charles Street, Marginal Road, Cortes Street, Berkeley Street, and Stuart. Directly adjacent to Park Square and within brief walking distance to Boston’s Theater District, Bay Village is quite the little community.

Apparently, the same people who were responsible for the development of Beacon Hill in the 1820s, built similar homes for themselves in the Bay Village. That is why when you look down a narrow gaslight lined street in Bay Village with red brick reminiscent of what you would see in Beacon Hill, it is not by coincidence. The plus side of this area as opposed to Beacon Hill is that the prices are lower for the same quaint and cozy brownstone-style building. Check them out today!

Historically, Bay Village played host to a variety of middle-class shopkeepers and artisans and in the early 1900s many players in the film industry from such major studios as MGM and RKO also lived and worked in the area. Today, it is an extremely close-knit community with only around 2100 residents.


Some great Bay Village restaurants you can venture to are Flash’s Cocktails, Avila, Rustic Kitchen, and the newly opened Erbaluce! Stop on by for happy hour  or dinner tonight!

To learn more about Bay Village in Boston click here

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