A Bit Hairy Out There

It’s getting a bit hairy out there regarding new MLS rules and regulations for us web-based real estate brokerages. I wish we were open in our southern states already as all ya’ll southerns or Nascar fans would appreciate the Dale Earnhardt photo above.

So what has been the outcome the last few days regarding the phone call we received from MLSPin earlier this week?

Well to keep this simple & easy here are the adjustments we have had to make to the site in order to stay in compliance with new MLS law. The bottom line is that everything is still available on our site if you are “Logged In”, however, if you are not registered with us, we have to “hide” some data until you have officially registered with our site. (I know stinks…but is ok, as we are good guys and won’t spam ya)

1.On every details page for MLS listings displayed we have to make sure the user is “Logged In” to our system prior to displaying “SOLD Listing Data”. So if you see the sold listing data box empty, dont be surprised…just login and you will have access to everything.

2.We had to block our “Quick Search” so you can not search by address which everyone LOVED!!! Again you can still do this…but you have to be “Logged In” to do so. If you are not logged in you can still search by New Development name or MLS #.

3.Mapping. We hate this one…but we have to do it. As we update our system, you will not be able to map properties or search by properties on a map unless you are “Logged In” to our system. This is a huge downer for us…but we will get through it. We actually have got permission to allow mapping for un-registered users, however, we have to limit the zoom levels which really makes this pointless.

4. Last but not least some listing details data have to be “hidden” until registered users are “Logged In”. These fields include: The Standards (Address & Price Per Sq/ft) and The New Rules: (Year Built, Builder Source, Complex Name, Number of Units, Heating, Cooling, Taxes & Tax Year).

These new additions have been implemented into our site (well all but the mapping which will take some time). We hope all of you get a chance to read this blog post as we dont want anyone thinking that we are forcing registrations as its the exact oppositite of our “Transparent Business Model”.

The Bottom Line

The Boston area multiple listing service allows us to show you the full listing including address only if we’ve established that you are genuinely interested in buying a condo. This is the only reason we ask you to register. Registration does not require you to use CondoDomain.com LLC as your broker, and we promise we’ll never spam you.

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