A Comment Is Worth Two Thousand Words

If a picture is worth 1000 words (thats the saying right) we think a “comment” is worth two-thousand words! I mean…what is more useful a photo or taking someones unbiased opinion?

About a year ago an Inman SF, Zip Realty announced that they are allowing users to comment on listings they had toured or had some insight on. We thought it was genius … but was it the right move Three was a lot of controversy over the issue ratteling around in the blog-o-sphere but we eventually made the deicsion to try it. After all, we are a buyers brokerage so if we had other buyers writing their opinion on properties they had toured for other buyers to read…wouldnt that be a good thing for our business model So far it has paid off and we have had some success with the whole ‘commenting on a listing’ thing.

One reason for our post is that yesterday we had some back-and-forth chatter with a user on a particular Boston condo development. I don’t want to mention the name as we take privacy very seriously…however…there was some foul langauge used and we had to deleted the comments because of that (I don’t have editing privileges).

Its too bad because there was some useful information…but it had to go as we wont tolerate foul language on the website. (now the blog…thats a different story

We definitely encourage comments on our website so please feel free and contribute to this Boston Condo Community…just keep it clean please!

Don’t know what I am talking about…just go to any listing – here try this one for Penny Savings BankSouth End in the …you can see, or add a comment to this property!

Happy Friday!


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