A Day in the Life of a CondoDomain Agent

As an agent here at CondoDomain, I am constantly trying to get information from our clients. I find myself asking them about their lives, schedules, home needs and about their overall taste if you will to better help them find the right place to live. This week I thought it might be fun to give people an idea of what we do, on a day to day basis—to share what a day in the life of a Boston Condo agent is like.

As you’ve probably guessed every day is different.  From showings to inspections to coordinating the closing process with real estate attorneys- no client or deal is ever the same but here’s a glimpse of a typical Tuesday…

9-11 am: Answer current client emails
This usually entails calling listing agents to find out more information about listings, setting up showing appointments, and doing things like sending along paperwork to be signed for our units that are under agreement.

11-12 am: Email leads
A big part of working in real estate is spent trying to attract future clients. We try to send out content rich emails to give prospective clients an idea of the current state of the Boston Real Estate Market. We like to let people know what’s going on, where the new, hot developments are and where the best values are to be had.

12:00: Lunch time- With our office located in the Seaport District, we usually make our way over to Congress Street passing the new FP3 development along the way. Were constantly switching off between Flour Bakery, Metro Café, Lucky’s and Barbara Lynch’s Sportello.  We’re pretty spoiled with all of our great choices.

1-3: Showings- Right after lunch is a time in the day where people usually try to sneak away from work to view a couple of properties. Whether you’re interested in walking over to meet us to look at a place in the South End or Financial District or need a ride over to Charlestown to look at a couple of listings—we’ll accommodate your needs given your schedule.

3-4:30: Home Inspection- Depending on your purchase, home inspections can take anywhere from 45 minutes to roughly an hour and a half. As your Boston condo agent we’ll accompany you to all of these important events during the course of your home purchase to ensure you’re getting the best service and your interests protected.

4:30 onward: The business day is coming to a close for most of the working world- so we’ll hit the streets of Boston again bringing clients to any Boston neighborhood or greater Boston suburb helping them to find the best home for them.

Oh right, and I forgot to mention we’re available all day on our blackberry’s to make sure every email, every call and every concern is addressed and answered so give me a call at 339.223.2827.

Lauren Lanzillo

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