Achilles Persephone (Fort Point Channel)

A.K.A. The Achilles Project is what I am calling the new image of the Fort Point Channel neighborhood. The ultra cool, ultra hip and ultra fun high-end clothing boutiqe, watering hole, restaurant and gaming environment opened here in the Fort Point Channel just less than a month ago. Embarrassingly enough we just got a chance to pop in their for the first time earlier this week….so cool! A few drinks…some ap’s at the bar…and then a few hours on the Wii!!!

If you want to feel what Fort Point Channel is going to be like in the future…check out Achilles…they have jump started “The New Boston”.


The Concept: In its simplest form….

1. Ultra hip clothing boutique.

2. Tastefully done restaurant by Michael Leviton

3. Nintendo Wii & Sony Playstation for all

The store is opened all day and into the early evening. Late afternoon the bar opens…and soon after that you can sit down in the restaurant and enjoy a great meal. Rumor has it that Persephone will be opening for lunch shortly too.

Too much to list here. You must check out their website or blog but you must visit the place to truly experience what our new friend Michael Krupp has created.

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