Another Shady Showing (South Boston)

Brandon Currier…one of our newest all-star team members here at CondoDomain Boston has been struck with a tad of back luck lately. Brandon was with me a few weeks back at the “Worst Showing Ever“…you know the one that the dog pee’d all over the floor, furniture and listing agent…now we got him on the ground opening lock boxes….sorry Brandon!

Well, yesterday we had a very interesting showing in Southie. A lock-box showing…which is very rare in the downtown Boston real estate marketplace…but were up for anything…so off we went with our little lock-box code.

To make a very long story short after we ducked under the tree that clearly got hit by lightning and over the 1979 television set sitting out on the curb we got to the front door….where…hmmmm no lock box. After multiple calls to the listing brokers office we decided to just check if the door was open and guess what…wala…it was wide open. After a tour of the property we locked up as any great buyers broker would do…and left. On the way out we finally found the lock box. It was securely fastened to window bars for the basement washer/dryer room. Great Spot Mr. Listing Agent…

I mean c’mon…is the market that good that you can just whip a lock-box on the ground level window grate and expect us to hustle clients in and out of your listing while your off somewhere else…ugh!

Search All South Boston Condo (and ask for Brandon will ya…he’s needs some good luck to make up for!)

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