Out and About in the Back Bay

My friend and I have made plans this evening to go on a mini Back Bay restaurant crawl to scope out a fun-filled night in Boston.

It’s not as though we have never been out to restaurants in the Back Bay…that is quite the opposite. However, we have not been out in the Back Bay together in quite some time and tonight we are going to change that!

With all of the great Back Bay restaurants it was difficult to decide where to start, where to go after that, and so on…all in hopes to have a fabulous night in the Back Bay!

Where should we go? When we venture outside of my friend’s Back Bay condo, should we hit up some of the Back Bay restaurants on Newbury Street? Maybe start out at Sonsie and work our way down to Scoozi, Croma, Stephanie’s on Newbury, 29 Newbury, and then head over to Boylston Street where we can check out Vox, and all of the new places in the Mandarin Oriental Boston- M Bar, Sel de le Terre, L’Espalier. So many options in the Back Bay, it’s so hard to decide!

The Back Bay is great because there are so many great restaurant options! Back Bay restaurants can range from some of the finest dining establishments in Boston all the way to a casual pub. Jury’s is a great atmosphere for after work drinks and Grille 23 is the perfect place for a date or special occasion. Abe & Louie’s has an amazing brunch, Parish Cafe has the best sandwich, and Douzo has the best sushi! So many Back Bay restaurant options, it will be hard to conquer it all in just one night.

That is one reason why it’s great to live in Boston.

Where are your favorite places to go in the Back Bay? I would love to hear from you.

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