Bay Village Goes Green

Boston continues to go Green! A former church that dates back all the way to 1896 and is located in Boston’s Bay Village has now gone green.

This former church that has been vacant for decades was renovated and developed to meet the LEED standards.

According the The Boston Herald, the new condo complex at 136 Arlington Street boasts toilets that run on rainwater, insulation made of recycled denim, pine floors made out of recycled wood, a roof seeded with wildflowers, windows that contain energy efficient argon between panes, radiant heading built right into the floors, and a new rubber membrane simulating the church’s original slate roof.

Units in this Bay Village condo complex range all the way from a 465 square foot studio priced to a 3,600 plus square foot penthouse triplex. The studio is priced at $399,000 and a two bedroom unit is priced at $799,000.

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Source: Boston Herald


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