Become a Fan of Fan Pier

For all of the Big Dig naysayers out there, one certainly must admire the transformation it has sparked to Boston’s other half – the area formerly shut off from the rest of the city by the ugly behemoth that was the 93 Expressway (now thankfully taken underground). Beginning with emergence of the North End out of the shadows, a remarkably wonderful development domino effect has continued across Boston Harbor revealing the beauty of the waterfront to more spectators than ever before.

The latest city jewel to blossom along the formerly industrialized waterfront is Boston’s Fan Pier, the cove of docks alongside the Institute of Contemporary Art’s stunning architectural triumph.  All of the buildings reflect back on the warehouses and sturdy structures of yesteryear with a modernized upscale twist.

Highlights along this formerly forgotten landscape include the reinvention of Louis Boston.  Once a stodgy Boston frock seller and equally stuffy café held within a historic building nestled between Newbury St and Boylston St in the Back Bay, their new digs have brought Louis Boston back into the light with great fanfare. The flooding of sunlight that fills every space, reflected off the water, really makes for a stunning experience – whether you are browsing through the designer clothing racks or dining at Sam’s up on the roof deck.

Equally impressive is Strega Waterfront, offering some of the freshest in Al Fresco dining in the city. The open air, fresh sea breeze feeling of the space, whether dining outdoors or in, lends itself nicely to the cuisine, giving a feeling of being miles away from the city.  This is what the city Boston was always meant to be.

Should you find yourself right at home at Fan Pier, you can soon find yourself a home to stay here. The Residents at Fan Pier plans to offer every amenity a luxury city residence must, all alongside remarkable views, fine dining at your feet and the accommodations of a five star hotel and spa.

Have you explored Fan Pier as of yet, be it to dine, take in the recent Extreme Sailing event or just for an evening stroll?  What do you think of this formerly forgotten space? Do see great hope for its future?

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