Belting For Boston

Ronan Tynan, former “God Bless America” singer for the Yankees, has received a lot of press in New York and Boston after he was fired from the MLB team after alleged anti-Semitic remarks he made during a real-estate exchange. The alleged remarks fell out of the Irish tenor’s mouth in jest while his NY apartment was being shown to a potential buyer. Tynan made a comment about “two Jewish ladies,” who had visited the apartment weeks before, to another potential buyer who also happened to be Jewish. As soon as the Yankees caught wind of their 7th inning stretch performer’s remarks by way of the Jewish woman, Gold-von Simson, who took it upon herself to call the Yankees in outrage, Tynan was immediately fired without any chance to defend himself.

Tynan, whose rendition of “God Bless America” could make your heart melt, immediately apologized to Gold-von Simson, even offering to make a donation to a charity of her choosing, who accepted, and made a second official apology to the Anti Defamation League who also accepted and even had him sing at their annual dinner. The Yankees, however, never gave Tynan a chance, and after being blatantly harassed on the streets and in the press, the Irish tenor decided to move to Boston in hopes of finding work.

Tynan has overcome adversity before: “His legs were amputated below the knee, but he became a physician. And then, in his 30s, he discovered that God had planted in his throat a voice that can make hearts rise and eyes rain,” so when he secured a place in Boston’s Lewis Wharf, Tynan’s comeback, which comes with a Yankees World Series rock on his finger, was imminent. The Boston Globe’s Kevin Cullen reports, “Tynan will make his first performance in his newly adopted city this morning, at Senator Jack Hart’s annual St. Patrick’s breakfast and political roast in South Boston.”

Tynan’s former neighbor, Rose Mayerson had this to offer on the whole situation, “Ronan isn’t anti-Semitic. Please, he’s a gentleman and he has a heart of gold. . . . And he gave me free concerts, through the walls,” she continues, “If the Yankees had an ounce of common sense, they would have at least sat down and heard his side of things. But I’ll tell you one thing, New York’s loss is Boston’s gain,” and finished with this, “The Red Sox should have Ronan sing at their games. It would be poetic justice.’’

There will undoubtedly be strong opposition to a former Yankee to become a Red Sox, as there always is, but Tynan’s case is different. He’s a performer, not a player, and he is Irish…

For the full Globe article, click here.

Any thoughts on the whole debacle? Should Tynan start singing for the Sox? Comment below.

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