Best Boston Condo Websites

Being web-sumers (consumers of the web) we are constant surfing the web for local content & information to deliver YOU the best and most accurate and up-to-date information possible. Finally the real estate vertical is getting more technical and more marketing dollars are being poured into the web (where they should be). Over the past year we have seen the customary Web .5 websites be upgraded into newer, cooler, more functional, faster and much better consumer based websites. This year we are seeing more design come into play which we love!!!

Here is what we consider the top 5 best Boston Condo websites currently online!

1. FP3 Boston: Super slick flash design. Awesome functionality. Great photography and use of multimedia. Top of the line website…which pretty much fits their top of the line product they are delivering! Most recent blog on FP3. (Visit

2. The Clarendon: Designed by one of our all time favorite web-designers out of South America – Bridger Conway, The Clarendon site is stylish, function and information packed. Awesome photography and great neighborhood map! Most recent blog on The Clarendon. (Visit

3. 45 Province: Making an awesome website is easy when you have an awesome project! Just love the style and feel of this site. Like this “New York’ish” building, the site well describes the brand that the developers of 45 Province is positioning here in midtown Boston! Simply sweet! Most recent blog on 45 Province. (Visit

4. Macallen Building: Green Building, Green Website! Awesome building, awesome website. Very slick and efficient site. Cutting edge graphics and multimedia to match its cutting edge building and experience. Most recent blog on The Macallen Building. (Visit

5. D4: We love Starck therefore we love D4! D4 is super slick, super sexy and super fun. Great website design and functionality. Most recent D4 blog post. (Visit

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