Best Neighborhood in Boston?

Boston may be a small city (in more ways than one) but one thing Boston does have is a great mix of very different Boston neighborhoods. The variety of Boston neighborhoods and each of their own unique characteristics are part of what makes the city of Boston, such a fabulous place to live.

When people are on the search for a new Boston condo, one of the major decisions prospective buyers must face is exactly what Boston neighborhood they choose to live in. This decision can often be a difficult one, which is why CondoDomain has developed descriptions of each of the major neighborhoods in Boston so that people can get a greater sense of what each part of downtown Boston has to offer.

Every neighborhood in Boston offers a unique flavor on the type of restaurants residents dine at, what type of shopping is available, and exactly how you are able to get to work, school, or play each day of life within the city.

This week we have polled residents of Boston for their take on exactly, what is the best neighborhood in Boston. You will find that everyone loves a different neighborhood for different reasons, but one thing remains constant – they have a Boston neighborhood favorite and good reasoning to back it up to.

Now, watch the video and find out where & why.

And then get back to me. What is YOUR favorite neighborhood in Boston? I’m dying to hear your opinion. Leave us your reasons why your neighborhood is the BEST in Boston!

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