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Ran across this new Boston based lifestyle website today – Tagline – Celebrating Boston’s Seen & Unseen. I must say it is great and I think it has a lot of potential too! Check it out at

Their Mission:

You. Such a zest for life you have! Snazzy South End restaurants On your speed dial. Red Sox players They text you for tips. We get it – you’re in the know.

So we thought we’d turn you on to some other forms of Boston star power – our very own Next Big Things. Each week, you’ll meet up-and-coming chefs, fashion designers, authors, rockers, artists and yoga instructors. There might be a meter maid-turned-poet, plumber or philanthropist. On the outside, their stories may not seem so similar, but on the inside, these folks share common ground. With fire in the belly, a heart packed with passion, they excel. They express. They contribute. Put simply, they make Boston tick. Just like you.

We call them BOLDFACERS.

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