Boston Apartment Rental Scam: Renter Beware (Craigslist)

via the – Boston Real Estate Observer:

“An apartment rental scam is infiltrating Boston, and has largely focused on apartments in the Financial District, namely Broad Street, according to several potential victims who have provided details of their ordeals.

The scam ensues by luring potential renters to respond to a Craigslist advertisement for a high-end Financial District condo that is being offered for rent at a very (unreasonably) attractive price.  The landlord claims that they are in a foreign country, and that in order to preview the unit, the keys will be sent to the prospective renter after a deposit is made – the landlord claims that the “only problem is that I`m the only person who has the keys and I have nobody in [the] United States that could show you the Boston condo. In order to check [it out]”.  To get the keys, the renter must provide a deposit to the landlord, which is facilitated by a website (,  and once the website is holding the funds it is claimed that the keys will be sent.  The landlord claims that “If you do not want to rent the apartment the funds will be returned to you”.  Luckily, we are not aware of any renters who went so far as to send a deposit.”

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