Boston Condo Ad #1

We ran our very first advertisement this weekend in a local Boston Real Estate newspaper called Boston Homes (above). Being tech-guys its something we were not too excited about, but we got a little love from our friend JF @ Sellsius and of course our favorite Barbara Corcoran story and thought it would be a nice compliment to our services.

So what makes a good “print” real estate ad Simple and clean Black and white Color Catchy Text or images Phone numbers or web sites What is the deal Advertising in a newspaper is low-resolution, hard to track and easy to miss. Well, we will be running a new advertisement for our company – Boston CondoDomain, every other week for the next 13 weeks. Any ideas, feedback will be much appreciated!!! You can follow all of these ad’s & posts under the Advertising category.

We plan on starting off conservative…but stay tuned as we got some pretty Risk-ayyyy ad’s coming up soon too!

Don’t be afraid to tell us if our ad’s suck or if they are awesome! We very much look forward to your comments.

PS – The ad above is actually the back of our business cards.

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