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Searching for a Boston condo?  Like many, you could be looking for real hyper-local information written by real agents that actually live and work in downtown Boston.  Most of this great information is served up by the ever-popular “blog”.

Boston has seen some growth in this category this year.  I can remember just a year or two ago when there were only 2 of us blogging on the Boston condo and Boston real estate marketplace.  Now there are many more Boston condo bloggers, all pushing out great information with their own personal touches.

Here is a list of the most popular Boston condo blogs:

The Boston Condo Loft

The Boston Real Estate Observer

The Boston Condo Blog

The Boston REB

23 Neighborhoods

WarrenRE Blog

Bushari RE Blog

Redfin’s Sweet Digs

When you browse through some of these Boston condo blogs you will notice the different styles and of course very different content.  In combination with our Boston MLS search and this local Boston real estate content – you are poised to learn a lot about our market.  Any questions regarding the above or if you have specific questions regarding any Boston condos or the Boston real estate market – don’t be shy – and give us a shout!

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