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The search for Boston condos can often be a rather intimidating thought to many prospective Boston condo buyers. Not only have you made the huge decision to put forth the effort in searching through several Boston condos, but there are also many factors that come into play. Location, neighborhoods, type of condo, old or new construction, waterfront, high- or low-rise living, parking, close proximity to public transportation….the list could go on and on with the amount of choices that different Boston condos have to offer.

Here at CondoDomain, we have tried to make your search for Boston condos simple, efficient, and transparent as you hunt for the purchase of your next home. If you have visited our Boston CondoDomain website, you already know that we offer full access to MLS listings, neighborhood descriptions, old & new development listings and descriptions, along with several other cool tools (see WalkScore, Google Maps, etc.).

While it is great to be able to access all of this data & information online, there are sometimes things that come up that catch you by surprise when going through the condo buying process. Recently, I have had a discussion with some CondoDomain buyers agents to find out what some not-so-common-sense ideas they had for prospective Boston condo buyers. Essentially, “What are some unexpected issues Boston condo buyers should know!?”

So, in an effort to make this Boston condo buying process that much more simple for you my dear Boston condo lovers, here are some things you should keep in mind when thinking about the Boston condo buying process! CondoDomain’s very own Jesse Carlton and Lindsay Smith have offered these tips:

Get the BIG picture…

1. Make sure to find out about Reserve Fund- The last thing you want to happen after you move in to your new Boston condo is to find out that your new building needs new roof improvement on top of your condo fees of course. Ask about the reserve fund and if there is a specific amount allocated each year? How much has already been accumulated in the fund? What future repairs are scheduled and will the accumulated amount cover this?

2. Find out what you can “truly” afford. There is a lot more to consider than just your monthly mortgage payment when purchasing a new Boston condo. Think about the cost of property taxes, utilities, repairs, condo association fees, and maintenance. If you’re relocating to a new city, it’s extremely important to consider the cost of living for that area. Transportation, parking, and everyday living expenses can make it more expensive than what you initially thought!

3. A home inspection is so important! Although most states require that sellers disclose all information regarding major issues, many times they either are not aware or do not care to tell. A thorough home inspection can seem like a pain & unnecessary expense, but it is a worthwhile investment that is a necessary part of the condo buying process to insure what you are buying.

It’s the little things that matter…

4. When checking out a Boston condo, make sure to check the water pressure in the shower. Also, in terms of water, take a look to see how long the hot water takes to heat up in the shower, bathroom sinks, and kitchen.

5. How much noise is made when a toilet is flushed in the unit, above the unit, and adjacent to the unit? It may sound silly, but check it out!

6. What is underneath a hardwood floor for noise control? Is there a pad, etc.? Most developers invest in certain sound categories like “ritz”, “library”, etc. – Don’t be afraid to ask these questions!

These are just a few examples of what items to consider when searching through Boston condos for sale. If you are interested in buying a new Boston condo or would like more information on the condo buying process, contact CondoDomain today to speak with one of our experienced agents who know all of these tips and more. – 617.314.7704

Plus, did you know that we give you cash back at closing?

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