Boston CondoDomain: The New Class

The CondoDomain Boston real estate team is at it again! With Fall in full swing and the Boston real estate business here at CondoDomain dramatically heating up, we have recently just hired three new members to our CondoDomain Boston real estate agent family.

Enter the new class. Remember back in school when the new class would join and everyone looked uh- unfamiliar? It’s exciting, it’s sometimes scary, and everything feels brand-spanking-new. Here at the CondoDomain Loft in Boston’s Fort Point Channel we have added three new desks, rearranged our furniture, and are now ramped up for a rocking Fall in Boston finishing off the last part of 2009 with a BANG!

Meet the newest members of the CondoDomain Boston real estate team:

Say hello to Lauren! Lauren Lanzillo was a CondoDomain intern in the summer of 2008 and just couldn’t get enough of us apparently! She just recently graduated from the College of Holy Cross and has joined an experienced Boston real estate team led by Jessica Anthony Quirk.

Before Jim Lambert joined our newest CondoDomain Boston real estate team he worked for a real estate development firm here in Boston. With his highly localized amount of Boston condo development expertise, we are more than thrilled to have Jim joined our other fellow Boston condo experts!

And last, but certainly not least…our final fabulous addition to the CondoDomain Boston real estate team is Lindsay L. Smith a recent graduate of Boston University where she graduated with a degree in Advertising while simultaneously working as an on-site sales director of a waterfront condominium project.

With the latest additions to the CondoDomain Boston real estate team combined with our already kick ass team of Boston condo experts, Boston real estate firms beware: There’s a powerhouse of Boston condo superheroes in town and they’re just getting started 🙂

Meet the whole CondoDomain Boston real estate team

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