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360 newbury street condoBoston Condominiums :  Whats hot and whats not.  (an opinionated view on today’s market)

When you think Boston condominiums whats do you think of?  Traditional brownstone townhouse condominiums or luxury high-rise Boston condominiums?

Through a survey we asked our most recent registered users, more than 70% of buyers think:  brownstone condominiums in Boston.  I think my first reaction was that too.  Even being a high-rise, full service luxury building ‘snob’, when I think Boston, my first reaction and image is Back Bay, Beacon Hill, South End quaint street, brownstone living.

I think Boston being such a historic city, the charm of what Boston really is, is exactly that.  As we noted in a blog post last week, FOX 25 is doing a special report on the “New Boston” which now offers that ultra-luxury, full service living – lets call it the infusion of New York style living in Boston.

Boston really is emerging as a wonderful city to live in.  The density that this city is finally accumulating is creating that 24 hour true city-living experience.  I know many of you are not in favor of many of these luxury full service high-rise developments that are being put up…but I truly feel that this is a great move for the city of Boston.  Actually, I wish it was easier to build in Boston and there were less politics involved so these developers could create these buildings more quickly and cost efficient.  (Saving us all thousands!)

So whats hot for Boston condominiums today?

Traditional Brownstones:

408 Columbus Ave
Unit # 1
Boston, MA 02116

193 St Botolph
Unit # 4
Boston, MA 02115

391 Commwealth Avenue
Unit # 1
Boston, MA 02115

Luxury High-Rises:

360 Newbury St
Unit # 508
Boston, MA 02115

285 Columbus Ave
Unit # 806
Boston, MA 02116

45 Province St
Unit # 708
Boston, MA 02118

And the counter – what’s not hot?

Well, we won’t single out any listings here, but we sure will let our clients know when they engage us as their Boston real estate agent.  For the most part, Boston condominiums that were not developed by talented developers or properties that were converted and “condo’d” or newly built in emerging neighborhoods that were not quite established yet, well, these are some of the troubled properties in Boston.  Construction cost are what they are and when the market was piping hot, everyone was putting their shovel in the ground wherever they could.  These are the pitfalls of Boston condominiums.   Stay clear.  There is plenty of “great product” on the market – and the “sound to good to be true deals” are exactly that – buyer beware.

Photo courtesy of 360 Newbury condo being listed by Coldwell Banker Back Bay.

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