Boston Condos With Pools

The other day as I was browsing through Twitter when I came across a Boston-based company called Poolside Pong. Poolside Pong is the only year round inflatable beer pong table that has all of the traditional features of beer pong to bring to pools, lakes, beaches, tailgates, etc.

This really got my mind spinning! This looks amazing…but to us Boston city-dwellers, it creates the question..Who has a pool we can use!? Especially a Boston pool to play poolside pong!

Thus began my extensive research on Boston pool locations & Boston condos with pools.

Just like our Boston roof deck post last week, with the rising temps we are reminded that warm weather in Boston is just around the corner. There is nothing better on those sizzling summer days in Boston than to just into a refreshing pool. Hurry up and research which one of your friends has access to one of these rare pools in Boston or you could always buy your own.

Sure, The Colonnade roof top pool is simply fabulous and we all know that we can always go there to get some fun in the sun, but where are the rest of the swimming pools in this fair city?

Take a look at Boston condo buildings with pools:

151 Tremont Midtown Boston

45 Province Midtown Boston

Parris Landing Charlestown

The Somerset Back Bay Boston

The Macallen South Boston

The Atlantic at Marina Bay Quincy

Harbor Towers Waterfront Boston

390 Commonwealth Ave Back Bay Boston

Union Wharf North End Boston

If you know of anymore low-key Boston pools around let me know…I am continuing to look into it so stay tuned to our Boston Condo Loft blog for more details to come on what pools to hit up in Boston.

Don’t forget the spf 15!

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