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What a wild spring it has been here @ CondoDomain Boston!  The “streets” have never been busier as we have been booked a solid 7 days a week for the past 2 months. Actual transactions are starting to really pickup.   We launched our new Boston condos interface and even adjusted our buyers-brokerage business model to cater to more buyers — and we’re not even done yet!!!

So whats the latest and greatest going on with Boston condos?

1.  Price adjustments seem to be happening; in-turn increased velocity in actual transactions.

2.  The financial / mortgage markets although still ‘lickety stick’ are starting to seem more reasonable as mortgage lending seems to become a tad easier and more flexible in Boston at least.

3.  Long awaited 45 Province looks to get their certificate of occupancy (C of O) this month!  The sleek & sexy W Hotel & Condos and The Clarendon to follow shortly thereafter later this year.

Are you a buyer looking for a deal?  Searching for the “sweet spots” in the market?

There always seems to be a “sweet spot” in any market and currently it seems to be the $800,000 – $1,200,000 price point.  Most likely the position here was created by the mortgage market collapse, tightening guidelines and boosting down payment/liquidity requirements.

It seems the sub $750,000 urban condo market seems to be strong and the sub $500,000 market has little to no inventory – any great condos hitting the market here are usually gobbled right up.  So, if you have the coin to be playing in the $1M arena – there are definitely some buys to be had!

Also on the super high-end, the market seems to be steady as well.  The $2,000,000+ market, possibly infused with more liquidity seems to be less effected.

I will look to put together an early spring report through the end of April this week.  As for now, if you have more specific questions on the Boston condo market or are currently searching for Boston condos – don’t be shy and reach out to our team.  We have great momentum in this market and would enjoy working with you!

Remember when you shop and buy Boston condos with us – YOU SAVE THOUSANDS – in commission refunds – not to mention we are a pretty fun group to work with!!!

(Picture:  Your gracious Boston condo team from Left to Right – Christina, Scott, Jesse, Tim, Erica, Jack, Tony & Jessica)

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