Boston Contractor To Star In HGTV Series

In yesterday’s press release, HGTV announced that the new show “Tough As Nails,” starring Cindy Stumpo, will make its premier March 14th at 11pm. The new reality TV series will follow Stumpo, a Boston contractor specializing in luxury homes, as she balances her hectic job, in which she receives over 200 phone calls per day on two cell phones, with her equally stressful family life. Stumpo is a prime example of a woman finding success in a “man’s field,” the contracting business, and her costars include her employee and ex-husband, Joe, her mother and secretary Beverly, and her grandmother, lovingly referred to as Nana, who serves as Cindy’s personal confidante. Look forward to a show filled with drama, deadlines, beautiful homes, and of course, BOSTON! For the full press release click here.

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