Boston First City to Approve Ford’s Transit Connect for Taxi Use

By Patrick Rall of the Detroit Auto Examiner. Published April 30th, 2010 @ 12:35pm

Ford Motor Company announced this morning that the city of Boston has become the first municipality to approve the Transit Connect for commercial taxi use. Now that the Transit Connect is approved, taxi companies can now begin purchasing and licensing the innovative new ‘truck’ so Ford can expect to see a boom in TC sales. Not only does this stand to help sales through Boston based cabbies, but it also sets precedent for other cities to approve the Transit Connect in their own area.tumblr visitor stats

Serving as an efficient cargo van, the new Ford Transit Connect has seen great sales to major companies and small businesses as well as the Canadian postal service, but Ford built the TC to be more than just a cargo van. The high roofline allows for a ton of headroom for passengers and Ford plans to equip the Transit Connect taxis with a variety of interactive features, including self- credit card payment devices and monitors with information about local attractions.

I have spent plenty of time in taxicabs and I’ve had the luxury of being in a Ford Transit Connect taxi and the TC allows a great deal more comfort for the passengers than any sedan or minivan. The larger SUVs used as taxis offer similar space to the Transit Connect but those don’t offer the fuel efficiency or the upcoming alternative power vehicles (electric and compressed natural gas models).

Check out the Transit Connect gallery below, you and your friends may be piling into one of these in the near future!

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