Boston has Clean Air Cabs

I DIDN’T KNOW! This a.m. arriving from ACK into Logan Airport, I saw this sign. I wish I wasnt in a rush because I would have definitely called. Below is some more information on this Hybrid Taxi setup.

As part of the City of Boston’s continuing commitment to sustainable transportation, the CleanAir CABS program was launched on April 1, 2007. Through the CleanAir CABS initiative, taxi cab owners will have the opportunity to replace ordinary taxis with cleaner vehicle technology.

CleanAir CABS are commercially available, electric, hybrid-electric (hybrid), compressed natural gas (CNG), and other low emission alternative fuel vehicles. The hybrid Ford Escape, the hybrid Toyota Camry, and the CNG-powered Ford Crown Victoria have been approved by the Boston Hackney Division as qualifying for the program. Other vehicles may also be approved in the near future.

There are benefits for taxi cab owners to make the switch to hybrids. Hybrids burn much less gasoline than ordinary vehicles (from 50% to 70% less in the city) and CNG generally costs less per GGE (Gasoline Gallon Equivalent) than gasoline. Drivers of CNG vehicles may qualify for a rebate from a natural gas company and a federal tax credit.

More info here.

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