Boston Loft

Boston Loft, Boston Loft, where are you I am still looking for that ‘posh’ Boston Loft for sale.

Again, the Key Points:

– Volume and lots of it.
– Bright light and open space
– True loft feel, brick and beam, high ceiling height, etc
– Private outdoor space (roof deck, etc) and lots of it

We are neighborhood negotiable…so we are really just interested in the ideal product somewhere in Boston proper. Willing to spend up to $1.1M if the place is done up right and we dont have to put to much work in. However, if the place needs work we are willing to get into a project like this too….just need to buy it for the right price.

2,000 sq/ft (approx) and some unique features…and I think we got a deal.

Boston Loft specialists….find me this home as I have a very anxious buyer thats ready to enjoy the summer in Boston!

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