Boston Lofts a growing trend in downtown Boston

Boston Lofts, a growing trend in downtown Boston

This week there was a ton of action on our Boston Loft pages. Not that it is abnormal, but it seemed to really stand out in our analytics. So what is going on and who is interested in these cool hip Boston Lofts

The answer: The demographic is all over the place. Of course you have the traditional artist or creative individual who needs that raw open space to live/work in their Boston Loft, but we recently started working with a few clients in a completely different demographic.

One client we have been working with is looking for a blank canvas to create and design his own Boston Loft. He currently lives on the North Shore and is looking to come back into Boston with his wife and create a high energy, light filled living space downtown and possibly start a family how cool is that. Imagine growing up as a little kid with your family in an ultra cool penthouse loft in downtown Boston!

Also this week we put a Boston Loft under contract at one of our new favorite Boston Lofts 285 Columbus Lofts. These individuals were young professionals in that move up buyers category. They really liked 285 Columbus because of that new, high volume feel. 285 Columbus is not like a Fort Point Channel brick and beam traditional Boston loft, but rather a converted office building that had great ceiling height and a developer with a vision to create great spaces with a super luxury feel. Like 360 Newbury, it is a truly a unique feel of luxury condo / loft volume spaces.

285 Columbus Lofts is a new high-end luxury loft development on the Back Bay / South End line. I believe they have approached 30% + sold and they really only opened in January, not that its a surprise because Boston Residential Groups 360 Newbury loft units flew off the shelf as well. We have written about 285 Columbus Lofts a bunch of times check those posts out here, here & here.

Other great Boston Lofts that are on our A-List:
360 Newbury (Completed: 1 unit on the market)
FP3 Boston (New Construction: multiple units for sale)
Penny Savings (Completed: 6 units on the market)
The 1850 (New Construction: multiple units for sale)
Albert A. Pope (Completed: no units for sale)
Laconia Lofts (Completed: 7 units for sale)
Wilkes Passage: (Completed: 4 units for sale)

There are many more Boston Lofts and Boston Loft Developments that we havent even began to list here. Feel free to search all Boston Lofts.

If you are interested in or currently searching for a Boston Loft we would be happy to help you in your search. Feel free to contact us anytime or call 877-852-6636 and press 0 for sales.

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