Boston Open House

If you didn’t already know, we are one of the first Boston Real Estate companies here to offer open MLS data in downtown Boston. A big feature we recently rolled out was the ability for our viewers to Search Boston Open House’s.

Wan’t to hit the open house circuit this Sunday Just log onto our site, Search Boston MLS, set your parameters, click the “Open House Only” button, and wa-la, theres your list of all Boston Open Houses for the weekend/week. See our MLS screen shots below:

Log on to and click on the Search MLS tab in the top middle of the page.

Select all your Boston Condo search parameters and make sure to CLICK “Search Open Houses Only.”


When you click Search, it will bring you to our Boston Condo Search Results Page (Below). Here you will have 2 views. 1. The Google Map View, where you can click on the pins to get basic information on the condo or 2. The List View down below the Google Map. The List View will also show you the dates & times of the Boston Open Houses for this weekend / week.


When you want more details, comp data, photos or multimedia click on “View Details.” This will bring you to our Details page for that particular Boston Condo. In the left gray box above the Condo Description box, you will see (always in red) the Boston Open House information again.


So if you wan’t to get out and see some properties this weekend, search our site and search for Open Houses. Every MLS listing and every Open House is refreshed daily to our site at 3 a.m.

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