Boston Real Estate Agent Talks Fenway Condos

Boston real estate agent Tim Bottomley has been out and about Boston this summer showing clients to some pretty cool properties in different areas. Lately, he has been spending a lot of time over by Fenway and has suggested that I write a little bit more on Fenway condos. Maybe because it’s the great amount of inventory for Fenway condos or just the fact that Fenway condos place you in extremely close proximity to Fenway Park…and of course the Boston Red Sox.

According to Boston real estate agent Tim Bottomley, he recently had this to say:

“As fall approaches and the Red Sox make a run for another World Series Title, I find myself (along with the majority of Boston) going through the daily grind of watching my beloved team. We have good days and we have bad days. The team’s performance can certainly disrupt the moods of many of us Boston Red Sox fans. Every game matters now as the Sox find themselves in a dog fight for the wildcard.”

Tim has personally put together a list of Fenway condos for you to look at if you are in the market for any type of Fenway condo or Fenway apartment.

Take a look at some Fenway condos

“Now we all want tickets,” states Bottomley, “If you got them let me know if you’re selling. My contact information is at the bottom. Or here is a better idea …. Why not buy your next home close to the Fenway Park? Maybe you can get a sneak peak of the game from your window, or better yet a roof deck. Think about it. You get back to your new Fenway condo after a long day of work. You throw on the TV/Radio and cook out while your Fenway condo offers sprawling views of Fenway Park in the background.”

There is currently a lot of inventory on Fenway condos so take a peak at what is available right now.

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