Boston Real Estate Confused?

boston real estate confused

As some real estate companies and franchises close up shop, innovative firms and entrepreneurial companies fill the void. The past year we have seen more companies, bloggers and ‘teams’ leave the corporate giants and go out on their own. What is going on out in the industry Is the old commission standard on its way out Has the market tighted so much to put these well funded firms out of business GMAC noted the growth in online information to be the trigger…read below.

Lots of movement in both the mortgage and real estate industry right now will only make more room for companies to try different things and offer different levels of service. We (CondoDomain Boston) hope to make a contribution to this when we launch our Flat Fee Exclusive Buyers Brokerage in Boston in early January. Wish us luck…


GMAC Real Estate is closing 15 offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and laying off staff as home selling and shopping increasingly migrate to the Internet amid a housing slump.

The Minneapolis company said yesterday it would lay off about 50 managers and support staff during the consolidation in New England. By Dec. 31, real estate agents in the affected offices will be relocated to GMAC’s remaining 35 offices in the two states.

“We certainly hope they will be willing to work out of one of our other offices. We anticipate most will,” said GMAC spokesman Brett Weinberg.

He said the contraction was due more to the growth of the online housing marketplace and other technology changes than to the state’s housing slump. Buyers, for example, have become less reliant on real estate brokers as the Internet has made it easier for them to look for houses on their own. Continued….


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