Boston Real Estate on Fox 25

The past two days we have had the pleasure to host Fox 25 and Keba Arnold on a special segment they are putting together on the Boston Real Estate market.  We have searched, drove and climbed into some of Boston’s most spectacular Boston condos and ultra-luxury new developments.   We toured 5 different properties with 3 of our awesome clients & soon to be proud new Boston condo owners!  (PS – I am starting the “ultra luxury” term – its my word).  Anyways I don’t want to spoil the fun that Fox 25 is putting together as it will air very shortly.  We will keep you posted.

We want to also thank everyone who helped contribute to a very successful day!  We can’t name you yet as it will give away too many hints…but thank you.  Also, special thanks to Erica Farthing, our Director of Social Media and today–“Professional Photographer”.

Without spoiling the entire show, we thought we would share some fun pictures from today’s interviews.  Also, I am sure there will be more posted later this weekend on our Facebook page.

(Click on Thumbnails to view)

(Nice hard-hat Erica!)

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