Brewery Lofts Auction Results

The American Brewery Lofts went off without a hitch this weekend.  With loft units selling for as much as 53% off last asking price – some lucky buyers walked away with the buy of their lifetime!!!

Check out the results for the American Brewery Lofts Auction below:

*after unit 309 the auction was stopped and bidders were asked to approach the auction table if they wanted to purchase  units 508, 511 or 114 starting at starting bid prices.

Add this to the collection of new construction/conversion properties that have gone to Auction over the past 2 years.  We covered all of the auctions and you can pull the results here on our blog – The Bryant, Nouvelle at Natick CollectionThe 1850 Lofts, and Longwood Towers.

There are definitely investor who bought into this property that will be looking to flip their Brewery Loft so if you are interested in buying a unit – let us know and we will contact the group to see who is looking to flip.

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