Bryant Back Bay Auction Video Tour

The upcoming Bryant Back Bay auction of 10 luxury Boston condo units is nearing close, do you know all about what is in store? Minimum bids at the Bryant Back Bay auction start at $1.075 million and the actual auction is set to take place on Oct 17th at The Colonnade Hotel.

Our CondoDomain agents have been over to the Bryant Back Bay with clients the past few weeks in preparation for the Bryant Back Bay auction. This past week, we snuck in our flipvideo and were able to get some incredible footage of the interior units of the Bryant Back Bay condos (shhh). Take a look at our sneak preview on what exactly the Bryant Back Bay is all about and why you should head over to tour the Bryant Back Bay today!

We began our tour of the Bryant Back Bay on the top level in a penthouse unit up for auction to take a look at what units the Bryant Back Bay auction will offer. This upcoming auction will give interested buyers to purchase units at the Bryant Back Bay at a fraction of their original asking prices!

As you can see on our video tour, the Bryant Back Bay offers luxurious interior finishes and superior building amenities. Contact us today for more information & to schedule a tour with CondoDomain – 617.314.7704

Here’s more information on the Bryant Back Bay auction:

Learn more about the Bryant Back Bay AND REMEMBER  – Don’t go visit The Bryant Auction as if we tour with you and you purchase you will get up to a $20,000 CASH BACK CHECK from us at closing!!!

*** Do NOT go without buyers representation! We have assisted numerous clients with all of the recent Boston condo auctions that have taken place and with out in depth Boston condo auction experience (not to mention our cash back model*) we can not only help you through the auction process, but can save you $$$ in the process

– You MUST register for this Bryant Back Bay auction event in order to become a bidder no later than October 14th

– The Day of the Bryant Back Bay auction, all approved, registered bidders must present a Cashier’s Check, Traveler’s Check, Certified Check or Money Order (“Cash Equivalent”) in the amount of $20,000 for each residence that they have been approved to purchase

– In addition to the certified check, all approved bidders for the Bryant Back Bay auction must bring a blank personal check check

– Bryant Back Bay auction will start promptly at 1pm on Oct 17th so bidders  must arrive by noon the day of auction

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