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So I previewed a few open houses today for my clients and of course (as social as I am) I made new friends & hopefully new clients while chatting with other perspective buyers. One question I did ask anyone (just curious, not trying to sell anything) was that if they were using a buyers agent to help them find their new home.

The answer: none of them were at that point in time which totally caught me by surprise.

So why no buyers agents involved Well, most of them said they wanted to do most of the work on their own. Hmm, I can understand that totally, I would do the same. Some of them also said they would most likely just try to do it themselves or call Zip Realty or Redfin when they were ready to buy. Ahhhh… your talking.

The point to this post is that we all need to do a better job educating the ‘buying’ public. It does not cost you a thing to work with a buyers agent so their is NO reason not to have an agent on your side, sending you properties and researching information for you and when you are ready to submit an offer, your agent will be able to plow through the paperwork, make sure your proper contigencies are there to protect you and help negotiate the best possible price for you!


Another great reason to use a buyers agent is to SAVE $$$. (and I am not just talking about getting you a better deal on your offer price).

You now have options…as two companies I listed above offer buyers rebates or refunds back to you at closing as we do too (we have the biggest refund on the market today!)

Ok, how does this work, right?

When a seller lists a property 9 out of 10 times he lists with a full service real estate agent which charges a 6% fee to sell the property. So if the seller sells the property direct, the listing agent gets a big whopping 6% commission check (thats 30k on a 500k purchase), not bad right….well that hardly happens.

Most sales include both the listing agent and a buyers agent. Now here is where WE come in as your buyers agent. As your buyers agent, when we submit an offer for you, we are entitled to 50% of the listing agents commission (so we would recieve 3% of the 6% or $15,000 in this example).

The Good Stuff…

Now…not only are we going to work exclusively for you, do all the grunt paperwork and negotiations, BUT, we are also going to GIVE YOU most of our commission. See here in Boston, no matter what the sale price is or how much the commission is, we only KEEP $5,000 and we REFUND you the remainder.

Sound crazy? Well, it kind of is…but it who we are and what we do!

Want to know how we do it? Check out this link…

CondoDomain Buyers Agent vs. Traditional Buyers Agent

Want to learn more…watch this movie.

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