Cambridge Resident Parking

Did you know that if your a resident of Cambridge and obtain a parking permit, that you can park anywhere citywide I though that was pretty cool. Unlike Boston where it is neighborhood specific, so if you drive your car from the Back Bay to the South End you need to duke it out for a meter like everyone else!

Want a sticker

Your vehicle must:
Be registered in your name at your Cambridge address
Be principally garaged at your Cambridge address
Weigh less than 2.5 tons

Leased vehicles must still be registered in Mass and principally garaged at your Cambridge
Company vehicles must be registered in Mass and principally garaged at your Cambridge address. You must have a letter from your company, on company letterhead, stating that the vehicle has been assigned to you and you maintain control over the vehicle at all times. The letter must include the name, title, and phone number of your supervisor


* $8.00 for the initial resident permit which includes one visitor parking permit per household
* $8.00 per vehicle for any additional resident parking permits in the household
* A replacement permit is free if you return your old permit
* Replacement fee?for lost or stolen permits is $50.00

No fee if:
You are age 65 or older. Provide proof of age.
You have disability plates or placard.

Cambridge Resident Parking Website

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