Carruth Cuts Prices

A high-powered developer looking to bring the uptown condo experience down to Dorchester is slashing its prices in a bid to bring in buyers to this luxury condo development called The Carruth.

Trinity Financial is putting the finishing touches on an ambitious project that is redeveloping an entire block near the Ashmont T station into a mix of trendy eateries and shops, high-end condos and affordable apartments.

But with deals for only two of its 46 condos, Trinity Financial is knocking down the prices at the new Carruth, in some cases by as much as $70,000.

The project’s 46 condos will now range in price from $219,000 to $399,000. Previously, the project’s most expensive units approached the $500,000 range.

The Carruth’s 70 apartments, priced between $900 and $1,100 a month, are all rented. A restaurant and a bank that features an expresso bar are some of the retail attractions in the works.

Trinity is hoping to attract buyers with more than the lure of lower condo prices. The developers say the project, built next door to a major Red Line station, will appeal to buyers looking to ditch their cars amid rising gas prices.

With gas prices heading up over $4 a gallon, people are looking to public transportation, Goldenfarb said. People are really looking for a new way of living.

Source: Boston Herald

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