Cash Back Real Estate – Why?

Why does CondoDomain share their commission with their customers?

Because CondoDomain thinks you need money?
Because CondoDomian has their own stimulus package to jump start the country?
Because CondoDomain has enough money?
Because CondoDomain works for free?
Because CondoDomain is the same as everyone else?

Answers to above,

No, no, no, no & no…..

The answer is because:

Our clients do much of the home search on their own online– so therefore they should be rewarded – if possible!

We don’t need nor have the brick and mortar as others do so our overhead costs are reduced – we do have a great office, however, in the “Vibrant Seaport District” – come by to see us!

We are completely consumer centric – what is best for our customer is our priority!
And because of all of the above – our business model works and our clients benefit!

So in a nutshell – if we can provide our clients with: knowledge, service, and access to all properties that are available on the market, and in addition, provide a refund to them (in most cases) – why would you buy your home or list your home with someone other than CondoDomain ? Why oh Why!

Call us (617.314.7704) – email us – ask how it works – you will be glad you did!!

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