Catch Zzzzs With A Two Bedroom

It’s not just something you see on those old black and white television shows anymore- recent studies show that 23% of married couples sleep separately from one another. Whether the reasons stem from difficulty sleeping, restless leg syndrome, or loud snoring, to name a few, more married couples are seeking out more bedrooms, even if they are in fact, empty nesters.

It is becoming more and more common for couples to sleep in separate bedrooms. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes aka TomKat, are an example of a famous duo that sleep in separate bedrooms.

The bottom line is, when we are sleeping we simply do not want to be disturbed, and if that involves sleeping in your own bedroom- I see nothing wrong with that. It is hard enough for anyone these days to actually get an adequate amount of sleep, so why not make yourself as comfortable as possible in your own home?

Many relationship experts actually recommend that couples sleep separately in order to save the relationship if they are dealing with a Restless Bed Partner.

It was interesting to find out that builders are actually accommodating to this lifestyle change, and some new construction does in fact offer a second master suite.

Regardless of sleeping preference, fellow Bostonians can collectively agree that the amount of space in Boston condos is often limited, so it is a fantastic to find a Boston condo with adequate space. A possible alternative for those currently searching for a new condo would be to find one offering two bedrooms, a guest suite, or two combined units.

Here are some examples of Boston condos available with adequate space for you and your partner! Sweet Dreams!

463 Mass Ave, 2 Bd 2 Ba, $765,000

61 Prince St, 2 Bd 2 Ba, $749,000

25 Channel Center, 2 Bd 2 Ba, $669,000

80 Broadway, 2 Bd 2 Ba, $685,000

416 Marlborough, 2 Bd 2 Ba, $670,000

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