Chiofaro Trash Talks Menino Over Harbor Garage Redevelopment

When Mayor Menino and The Boston Redevlopment Authority squashed Don Chiofaro’s plans to demolish the Harbor Garage, a gray parking garage that sits between Boston Harbor and the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, and build two high rise towers standing 625 ft tall, Chiofaro was ready to fight. Chiofaro has gone up against the BRA before, and won. In 1981 Chiofaro began his battle with the zoning board over International Place, another Boston Harbor property, which he finally built in 1987. At 46 and 35 stories tall, International Place became the tallest buildings in the Boston Harbor skyline and the largest office complex in the whole city.

Now in his second battle with the city, Chiofaro may have let his mouth get in the way of his plan to reshape Boston Harbor.

Chiofaro held a conference at International Place last week where he called the review process a “charade” and claimed that Menino had been “pulling strings,” and earlier that week he commented, “I could learn more going to my Italian lessons,” regarding a BRA meeting that he skipped because he knew what the outcome would be. And, indeed, the BRA decided that they would not budge on the set 200 ft. maximum on the property, while Chiofaro has claimed that he needs a minimum of 500 ft. to make the project economically feasible.

Menino has declined to comment on Chiofaro’s antics, however his aides have released several statements regarding incident that you can read in the full Boston Globe article, here.

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