Christian Science Plaza Given Green Light for Tower Development from the Boston Redevelopment Authority

The 14.5 acre Christian Science Plaza, world headquarters for the The First Church of Christ, Scientist, known for its stunning “Mother Church,” pedestrian walk and its stunning centerpiece reflecting pool, was given the okay by the Boston Redevelopment Authority on Tuesday, August 16 to construct two new towers on their property.

One tower will reside near the corner of Dalton and Belvedere Street near the Sheraton Boston and Hilton Hotel, while the other will flank Huntington Ave on the opposite side of the plaza. The towers are scheduled to host retail space at street level and incorporate residential living.

The church is a non-profit organization looking to offset their real estate costs with real estate income so more of their donations can be dedicated to the mission of their organization. The plaza is located at the juncture of Back Bay, the South End and Fenway as well as steps away from Symphony Hall on one end and the Prudential Center on the other.

Thankfully, the plaza pedestrian walkway and greenspace will remain intact and will even be enhanced by more greenery.  The reflecting pool will also be refurbished.  There have been many patches made over the years due to leaks into the garage space below the plaza. The new construction will feature a more shallow depth to the reflecting pool, resulting in a savings of two million gallons of water a year.

The children’s fountain will remain an important outdoor fixture on the plaza, while transforming into a skating rink for the winter months is currently being considered.

The plaza is certainly one of the more unusual but particularly beautiful places in Boston. It is refreshing to see enhancements in the cityscape that do not take away from the outdoor beauty that everyone is welcome to partake in.

Our question is, with residential properties going in at the Christian Science Center within the next few years, do you think we can get some of their more famous devotees to leave Hollywood for Boston? Who would you like to see call Boston home more – Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer or John Travolta?

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