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Closing on  your Boston condo should be the most EXCITING part of the process – NOT the most frustrating!!!

We have all heard thousands of nightmare “Closing” stories and in this day and age it seems like more often than not – closing a real estate transaction is nothing but pure HELL.  I certainly have witnessed it first hand on more than one occasion and unfortunately, some friends and family members can share the same story.

I think, someday,  when the mortgage & title industry can finally marry each other on a “digital front” we will hear less and less of the closing nightmare stories, but for now, there ARE ways to avoid the “nightmare closing”.

Here @ CondoDomain – customer satisfaction is our #1 goal from the second you register on our website — all the way to the closing table!  Our website speaks for itself as one of the most cutting-edge real estate search sites out there.  Our Boston real estate agents are in a league of their own.  The cash-back business model – well, lets just say our clients LOVE it.

This takes us to two other VERY IMPORTANT pieces of the transaction.

1.  Mortgage: We have partnered with Prospect Mortgage to create CondoLoanCenter – a highly educated loan origination team that specializes in condo lending and mortgage loans.  With the mortgage markets influx and constant movement with products and pricing – we thought it would be beneficial for our clients to have the option to chat with one of our in-house mortgage consultants.

2.  Closing & Title: We have also partnered with a local closing attorney / title company in Boston to AVOID the closing nightmare!  Here in Boston we partnered with the Law Offices of Scott Kriss.  Attorney Kriss personally takes care of all CondoDomain deals here in Boston and provides exceptional service.  He understands that every deal is different and treats all of our clients with exceptional care.

Having the team concept has catapulted our customer satisfaction to far above 95%!

Quick Tip’s On How To Avoid The Closing Nightmare:

1.  Strike a great relationship with your mortgage loan officer

2.  When you lock your interest rate be sure to ask for a copy of the Rate Lock Form, TIL (Truth in Lending) and Good Faith Estimate.

3.  A few days before the closing – call your closing attorney / title company and ask for a copy of the HUD.  This HUD settlement statement will show you the breakdown of every cost for your transaction.  Any questions you may have – ASK THEM NOW – and you will be delighted to go to your closing and have it smooooooth sailing.

For any questions please feel free to contact us @ CondoDomain or Attorney Scott Kriss

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