Color Me Happy: Wallpaper for Your Boston Condo

So I moved recently. It wasn’t fun, I hate packing, I live out of boxes longer than I really should. However, whenever I seem to move into a new place, I feel a sense of renewal…and the incredible urge to redecorate my new place! It is always a great feeling to know that even if you may currently be living out of boxes looking into a dull & plain bedroom…you have unlimited options you can do!

Well somewhat. See, I live in Boston. And you know what that means…most of the time you have to work with small spaces when decorating your Boston condo. I see articles published all of the time on how amazing these small spaces have been converted with the help of interior design professionals and whatnot. But where does one begin to even start brainstorming for ideas to decorate that new & fabulous yet relatively small Boston condo?

In the midst of my interior designing obsessed craze on the Internet the other day, I stumbled up colorTheory which had some amazing & interesting ideas to decorate a Boston condo! ColorTheory is a full-service, residential & commercial interior styling company based in Boston that provides its clients with their own expertise with color consultations, skilled painting, wallpaper hanging, & select home furnishings.

I recently was given a tour of the Concept Home at FP3 Lofts the other day, which was a partnership with FP3 Lofts & Boston Home Magazine in which colorTheory worked together with Hacin+Associates and other wonderful Boston interior design-related companies to create this gorgeous and unique loft in downtown Boston. When I used to think of wallpaper, I would think back to the awful “fruit-themed” paper we had in our kitchen growing up or the hideous “shell-themed” wallpaper border (Sorry Mom, love you) and immediately think it was just the wrong way to go.

Shockingly, I really can’t believe I am going to say this, but after taking a tour of FP3’s Concept Home and gaining a sense of what colorTheory actually did in terms of wallpaper…I am just dying to wallpaper my Boston condo!

There are actually so many stunning patterns, textures, colors, and so on that wallpaper isn’t so “fruity” & “shelly” anymore, it’s actually cool. And if you visit the colorTheory website, they list a lengthy amount of Design Trend Resources where it shows what companies & websites you can visit to find the wallpaper of your dreams.

Got any interesting tips for decorating a rather small Boston condo? I would love to hear them! And in the meantime, I will be sure to keep you updated on my wallpaper searching to decorate my new Boston condo…who knows what @ebounce will come up with next 🙂

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