CondoDomain Gets Slapped

We got our hand slapped today an no…it wasn’t a high five!

It seems that I overlooked a few things when developing the newest version of CondoDomain Boston, now a licensed web-based real estate brokerage, (so I have to pay even more careful attention to the fine details with displaying MLS listing data to our public audience.)

This doesn’t come to surprise to us though as new legislature goes into action per last weeks NAR D.O.J. anti-trust settlement mainly circling these exact bullet points.

Anyway the technology team is already in the process of upgrading our present Boston condo website.

Below will be the updates you will see:

1. We allow all users (logged & not-logged in) to view SOLD LISTING DATA. We are now only allowed to show you this data if you are Logged In.

2. We need to update our “OPT OUT” list. This means all the insanely crazy listing brokers out there that actually have their clients properties “Opt-Out” of MLS feeds will actually get their way. Currently we show you everything transparently…now we need to parse the data so “Opt Out” listings are NOT shown unless you register and login to our system

3. We allow you to search by address while you are NOT logged in. I guess this is a no-no…however the good news is that this great ‘quick search’ feature we developed is legal if you are Logged In.

4. Mapping, UGH!!! Ok this one catches us by surprise. The MLS rules state that we can not showing you listings on a map if the user can zoom in far enough to get street address information or identify street name or number. So we have to decide to give you high level mapping as a NON logged in user or just do away with it…and ask you to Loggin In.


5. Some line item details we are not allowed to show you unless you are….yup…”logged in“. These items include: Price Per Sq/Ft, Year Built, Builder Source, Complex Name, Number of Units, Heating, Cooling, Taxes & Tax Year.

Thats it…so not too bad. Just log in (or register) and you will get access to EVERYTHING as you always have.

NOTE: The guys over at MLSPIN are awesome and just doing their job. We have always had a great relationship with them and their Q/A team. These rules & regulations don’t reflect negatively on MLS. Even though some rules I do not agree with personally, we all have to live by them and we hope other competing website will do the same.

LAST NOTE: I forget what I was going to say here. I guess if you made it this far…just Log In.

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