Discount Real Estate Brokerage

We say NOT!

Just because an ‘alternative’ real estate brokerage firm chooses to compensate the company and its employees differently does not mean they are a discount brokerage! We read on a few blogs early this week some more “discount brokerage” bashing and it really got under our skin.

So…here in Boston you have a few choices to buy or sell your condo or home for “less than the average” 5% – 6% commission. ZipRealty is around, EntryOnly is a flat rate MLS entry only service and there are a few others too and some do offer “less than full service” service.

However, here at we offer a “Full Service – Buy Side” service to all of our clients…but we just charge a flat fee…so whats the big deal.

Here is how it works:

Buying a new condo with us is pretty simple. If you ve ever bought a piece of real estate in the past, either on your own or with a traditional real estate agent, working with us is basically the same. We take the same steps, review the same data, and perform all of the traditional services and then some.


On average our clients save more than $13,000 at the closing table!


1. Search Search out entire website for Boston condos and luxury Boston real estate. Here you will find every MLS listing, every new development and existing condo building, foreclosure listings, FSBO (for sale by owner) properties and even upcoming auctions. Search Now.

2. Schedule Tour – Scheduling a private tour with couldn’t be any easier. On every listing there is a Tour This Property link that you can click and it will notify one of our local team members immediately. We will then reach out to you and schedule a private tour with you. Also, feel free to check if there are any open houses available for that upcoming weekend and you can preview the property then too. (If you go to an open house, don’t forget to print & bring our business card and let the listing agent know you are working with The CondoDomain Guys!

3. Visit Property – The fun part. Now that we have narrowed down our list of available properties we need to get on out there and see these properties in person. Shoot us an email or give us a call, we are always available to tour properties with you.

4. Negotiate – Our specialty. Negotiating the best deal for you is where we put our investment in our company. Our team members are the best in the business in this category. We know our product, know how to analyze the market & comparisons and we know how to score you the lowest possible price its all we do all day everyday!

5. Buy & SAVE – Okay, we made it. Now we dig in and take over to finalize market analysis, submit offers, paperwork, proper contingencies and make legal and financing referrals all the way to closing!


SAVE you a ton of cash in the meantime. Our business model operates off a flat fee commission, so no matter what you spend we only collect our low flat fee commission and REFUND you the remainder. On average our clients are saving more than $13,000 at the closing table!

Side by Side Comparison of our Business Model


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