Emerson College Continues to Expand, Putting Caps on a Popular Club and Cafe

Earlier this week Emerson College announced their purchase of 1-3 Boylston Place (The brick walkway off Boylston street that leads to the Transportation building), a purchase that is putting a popular nightclub and a sweet cafe in a tight spot…

Emerson College currently owns and occupies five major buildings as well as other smaller facilities in the downtown area surrounding the corner of Boylston St. and Tremont St. The buildings and their addresses are as follows: 80 Boylston (The Little Building,) 100 Boylston St. (The Colonial Building), 120 Boylston St. (The Walker Building), 150 Boylston St. (The Piano Row Building), 10 Boylston Place (The Tufte Building), 180 Tremont St. (The Ansin Building), 216 Tremont St., The Cutler Majestic Theatre (Across the street from 216 Tremont), and finally The Paramount Theater and the neighboring Arcade Building located at 543-547 Washington St.

Emerson College’s most recent purchase of 1-3 Boylston Place, however, is putting a timer on the popular nightclub, Estate, and its neighbor, Sweetwater Cafe, who have two year leases to complete after which Emerson will take over. “The performing arts school purchased 1-3 Boylston Place from Boston entertainment guru Patrick Lyons for $6.5 million,” reports Thomas Grillo of The Boston Herald, “The alley that leads to the State Transportation Building is home to a restaurant, a nightclub, and office space.”

The nightclub, Estate, “has a very popular ‘gay’ night on Thursdays and Sundays and is very busy on Fridays and Saturdays, as well,” says John Keith of The Herald’s real estate blog, Getting Real, “The inside of the nightclub is quite impressive with its velvet wallpaper and gothic-style interior.” And I know from experience (I am an Emerson student myself) that Sweetwater Cafe is a popular lunch spot for Emerson upperclassmen and professionals from the Transportation Building, having developed a positive reputation for their quality beer selection, location, and lunch specials.

Although some will be disappointed to see Estate and Sweetwater leave, there are still plenty of options in the area for nightlife (there are three other clubs and bars on that particular strip of Boylston) and a decent, sit-down lunch with a beer (Parish Cafe anyone?). “We applaud Emerson’s confidence in our downtown,” said Mayor Thomas Menino after the recent renovation of The Paramount Theater, “We are joined again by partners who have been with us every step of the way of this neighborhood’s dramatic transformation – Emerson College, Millennium Partners, and our dynamic arts community; each have contributed in such invaluable ways to the thriving downtown we see today.”

Look out, Downtown Boston, Emerson’s moving in!

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