Equinox Financial District Update

It’s warm out today in Boston. So warm that you can actually taste spring time around the corner, don’t you agree? Ahhh the thought of warm weather in Boston is just so wonderful. That is until, if you are like me, you then start thinking about summer and the ever dreaded fact that bathing suit season will be here before you know it. Bring on the beach! Errr…maybe not.

With this warm weather on our minds, it’s a good thing that Equinox, currently in the Back Bay, is opening a second location in the Financial District this April. As a current member, I just received an update a few days ago that they are right on track for a mid-April opening. Very exciting!

With other gyms cutting back on their services in this down economy, Equinox is still upgrading and improving the experience for their members. They most recently upgraded the locker room products and selected Kelis Skin Products to be used for amenities in the locker rooms.

As an eco-friendly fitness club, Equinox in the Financial District has also installed a state-of-the-art General Electric Air and Water purification system. They will also encourage members to bring in their own water bottles.

If you would like more information on joining Equinox and the opening dates of their new Financial District location feel free to contact me today. They are giving some great deals on memberships as well, so start prepping for bathing suit season.

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