First impressions mean everything…

This couldn’t be truer than with real estate. With at least 80-85% of all prospective buyers researching residential real estate via the Internet, the importance of good photography is everything. I have seen more properties over the years that have dark, out-of-focus images than I can shake a stick at and am truly amazed that sellers don’t consider this to be of the utmost importance when listing a property.

There are numerous properties that I have seen, even over $1,000,000 with images that don’t even display rooms with lights on, bathrooms that show toilet seats in the upright position, rooms with shades pulled down or no photos at all. The last issue is the most amazing to me. There are a number of very successful agents in Boston who never post images. These are sellers paying their agents large amounts of money to list and sell their homes and they don’t even display imagery of the property they’re trying to sell. What in the end does this mean? That many buyers won’t ultimately go visit the property because they have no idea what it looks like.

As a seller this should be the first consideration you make when choosing an agent. I have always used a professional photographer to take the best photos possible.

To prove my point I have included a variety of images that I have taken vs. those I’ve found on Boston MLS taken by other agents:

Left Photos: Me                                                           Right Photos: Other Agents

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